Electrical, Instrumentation and Labour Hire.

Jaysel has your needs covered.

Jaysel Electrical & Instrumentation is a Townsville based company with a stern focus on industrial and heavy industrial electrical and instrumentation work. JEI takes pride in being a customer focussed electrical and instrumentation company, supplying expertly skilled people as well as timely and efficient completion of project works while keeping within the budget.

With a wide range of experience in the mining, processing, water, wastewater, gas and power generation industries, we can provide the best possible staff and solutions to suit your particular project or application.

Whether it’s construction, commissioning, maintenance, shutdowns or labour hire; we are committed to delivering the highest quality service safely and professionally.




JEI know that ensuring your electrical or instrumentation installation is right the first time is paramount, therefore we are able to assist you with:

  • Electrical installation, configuration and testing
  • Instrumentation calibration, installation and testing
  • Hazardous Area installation and verification
  • Fieldbus and Ethernet networks
  • PLC and DCS
  • HMI and SCADA
  • Electrical design and drafting


By using our specialist commissioning technicians you will be able to have your installation operating both safely & reliably in the shortest possible time. We can provide the following services:

  • Commissioning execution plans
  • Commissioning test sheets
  • Electrical statutory checks and commissioning
  • Instrumentation calibration, loop checking and optimisation
  • Hazardous Area verification and function checking
  • P&ID verification


To keep your plant operating efficiently and reliably with minimal downtime we are able to provide the following maintenance services:

  • Electrical and Instrumentation preventative maintenance checks
  • Statutory testing
  • Instrument calibration
  • Shutdown planning & execution
  • Electrical and Instrumentation refurbishment


To ensure the safety of your personnel as well as the integrity of your equipment JEI can offer the following Calibration services.

  • Calibration of all electrical test equipment.
  • Performance testing of all electrical safety equipment.
  • Calibration of process instrumentation.
  • Calibration of precision tools e.g.: Torque wrenches.

Labour Hire

To assist in managing your workload JEI can supplement your workforce with skilled and professional:

  • Electricians
  • Instrument fitters
  • Dual trade technicians
  • Hazardous Area trained personnel
  • High Voltage Specialists
  • PLC/DCS technicians
  • Engineering Support
  • Planners/schedulers
  • Tube Benders


Holcim Concrete

JEI is responsible for the scheduled maintenance, plant breakdowns and upgrades of the Holcim Batch plants in North Queensland, Central Queensland and Northern Territory.
Work history  

  • Install new cabling, supports and apparatus to existing plants while operating in preparation for cut overs.
  • Design, fabricate and install motor control centres and distribution centres to sites.
  • Design and install new batching systems and control systems (PLC Style).
  • Carry out cut overs to new installations with minimal downtime.
  • Design install and commission various recycle water areas.
  • Carry out preventative maintenance and statutory checks.
  • Supply breakdown support 24 hours per day 7 days a week.

Origin Energy

JEI is the sole E & I contractor for Origin Energy Mount Stuart Power Station carrying out project work as well as numerous turbine shutdowns.
Work History.

  • Install and commission new water treatment skid.
  • Install various pump stations onsite.
  • Install pressure and temperature transmitters for performance monitoring of turbines.
  • Carry out lighting audits and repairs.
  • Carry out DB Audits and repairs.
  • Hazardous area auditing.
  • Process Instrumentation calibrations and function testing.
  • Installation of various cable ladder runs onsite.
  • Installation of large cable runs onsite.
  • Supply of E & I techs for numerous turbine shut downs.

Queensland Nickel.

JEI currently has an E & I contract with Queensland Nickel for Maintenance, labour hire, shutdowns, project work and calibrations function testing of electrical test equipment.

  • Electrical and instrumentation upgrade for gas conversion of roaster #11.
  • Installation of cable ladder.
  • Install and terminate electrical and instrumentation equipment.
  • Carry out process and compressed air tubing for instrumentation.
  • Carry out hazardous area inspections.
  • Installation of new ABB control system.
  • Carry out all loop checks and commissioning.
  • Re-Commissioning of Line #2 Calciner in Final product area.
  • Carry out all engineering and design changes as requested and implement into existing process.
  • Carry out loop checks on all instrumentation.
  • Carry out all hazardous area inspections.
  • Tune burners to optimum flame.
  • Carry out commissioning and all variation work.>
  • Supply various tradespeople as requested with round the clock coverage on start up.
  • Install new WCS filters in 367 Cobalt plant area.
  • Install all new cabling and supports.
  • Install and terminate all electrical and instrumentation equipment.
  • Install all cabling as per schedule and terminate as per drawings.
  • Install terminate and commission PLC.
  • Supply various tradespeople as requested.
  • Carry out all commissioning and testing.
  • Carry out variations as required.
  • Supply of tradespeople requested by various areas on a regular basis and continued recall of these tradespeople as required.
  • Various other onsite projects.

Wilmar Sugar

JEI currently undertakes all calibration and function testing of electrical test equipment from Kalamia and Invicta mills and also supplies labour as well as completing various projects at the Invicta mill.

  • Install new light and power circuits including cable ladder, cable and fittings.
  • Overhaul and test process instrumentation.
  • Supply labour for shutdowns and maintenance relief.
  • Conduct calibration and function testing of site electrical test equipment.


At EIM JEI undertakes various capital projects as well as backfilling their labour pool with qualified hazardous area E & I personnel.

  • Carry out installation of liquid separator and pressure reducing skid.
  • Install hazardous area electrical and instrumentation apparatus.
  • Install cabling and supports as per hazardous area requirements.
  • Connect and terminate as per drawings.
  • Carry out commissioning and hazardous area verification and documentation.
  • Oversee start up.
  • Install new compressor in workshop.
  • Install cable ladder and new cabling.
  • Source and Install compressor.
  • Install all brackets, piping and air outlets as requested.
  • Terminate and commission compressor circuit.
  • Leak test piping.
  • Supply hazardous area trained E & I personnel when required.

BHP Cannington

JEI currently supplies specialised E & I labour to Cannington mine for backfill positions on the maintenance crews as well as quarterly shutdowns we also undertake all calibration, function testing and repairs of all onsite electrical test equipment.

Mt St John WTP

JEI was heavily involved in the construction and commissioning of the Mt St John Water Treatment Plant in Townsville and still is currently involved in ongoing projects on site.

  • Install new band screen and wash press.
  • Install new pumps and blowers.
  • Install cable ladder.
  • Install Cabling.
  • Install various types of instrumentation and commission.
  • Fault find teething problems on start up.
  • Call outs to repair various breakdowns.

Etheridge Shire Council

The Etheridge shire council engaged JEI to install a solar powered pump in the bottom of the new dump in Georgetown for the removal of water during a rain event.

  • Installation of solar panels and bracketing.
  • Installation of control panel and inverter for solar pump.
  • Installation of pump in spear casing.
  • Installation of float and flow switches for control.
  • Installation of piping, conduit, cabling and brackets as required.
  • Commission and test install.

Dalrymple Shire Council Water Treatment Plant.

The Dalrymple Shire Council Water Treatment Plant Currently uses JEI for all of its maintenance and project work.

  • Installation of new 330kW feed water pumps.
  • Installation of cable ladder, cabling and supports.
  • Installation and termination of Varolex cabling.
  • Relocation of VSD.
  • Programming of VSD.
  • Commission and test.
  • SCADA changes.
  • Projects.
  • Upgrades.
  • Maintenance.
  • Breakdowns.


JEI is currently undertaking the construction and commissioning of a fertiliser granulation plant for Agripower Group.

  • Installation of cable ladder, cabling, electrical apparatus and bracketing.
  • Rewiring and installation of MCC tiers.
  • Termination of all field and MCC wiring.
  • Installation, termination and commissioning of PLC and control system.
  • Commissioning of new plant.

BP Bitumen

JEI is the sole E & I contractor onsite at BP Blackport carrying out all aspects of electrical and instrumentation work and were also involved in the original construction and commissioning of the plant.

  • Installed Thermal oxidiser and commissioned.
  • Installed heat tracing and commissioned.
  • Carry out preventative maintenance.
  • Carry out all breakdown repairs.
  • Undertake all upgrades and project work.